People’s Parliament: Stop To Illegal Trading Raised

12 September 2018

The second People’s Parliament held its 17th day of 9th regular session Wednesday and discussed to lay down strategy and stop illegal trading for economic growth.
Members of the Parliament raised the duration of parliament's question and answer session, corruption of immigration staff officer in ButhiTaung township, Rakhine State and the return of Myanmar Dental Association's land plot to the public for better drainage in Thingan Gyun township.
Relating health and sports, they discussed more employment of health staff and enough housings, construction of rural health centres and station hospital with set standard in MongKaing and Myaing townships, reopening of university football grounds in Kamayut township and building a stadium at MoeNae football grounds.
The Parliament's Rights Committee, Resources and Environmental Conservation Committee and Public Accounts Committee submitted their reports. Moreover, the Parliament discussed the Workplace Safety and Health Bill, the Settlement of Labour Dispute amendment bill , and 2018 Gambling Bill.
Members of the Parliament then held discussions relating the proposal on strategy to alleviate illegal trading which is hampering economic growth of the State.