People’s Parliament: Questions Raised, Motion Submitted, Draft Law Discussed

20 August 2019
2019-08-20 13:04

The 2nd People’s Parliament holds the 12th day of 13th regular session, Tuesday raising questions and putting motion.

During the question and answer section, the parliament representatives raised the asterisk mark questions including the arrangement for granting compensation for 24 acres of land confiscated by Border Guard Force (1001) in Chiphwe  Township and for returning non utilized lands from them, government’s assistance for KoneLayMote Village in MaukMai Township to access the electricity, providing 33/11KV 3MVA transformer in Mindat Township to distribute electricity for the neighboring villages and other 4 questions. The questions were replied by the members of union level organizations.

The representative of Kaikkyi  Constituency put a motion calling for the union government to carry out the land issues exactly and correctly in transparency regarding with the delay and less success of returning confiscated land to the owners due to the lack of implementation of 52 agenda items guided by the president.

The parliament discussed the draft law for Animal Health and Livestock Industry Development submitted by the Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Society Development Committee and sought the approval of the parliament.

-- End --