People’s Parliament: Questions Asked And A Motion Discussed

11 December 2018

The People’s Parliament convenes 12th day of 10th regular session on Tuesday with inquiring questions and submitting reports by committees.

During the questions and answer section, the MPs asked the asterisked questions including providing a library dedicated to veteran writer Maung Htin  in Laputta  Township, arrangement for the students who passed matriculation with higher score to accept at the vacant seats at the universities including university of medicine and others, opening of matriculation examination center at TaungGaLay  village in NgaPuTaw Township and other 5 questions.

The members of union level organizations replied those questions.

The People’s Parliament, Agriculture, Livestock Breeding and Rural Development Committee, Transport, Communication and Construction Committee, Investment and Industrial Development Committee representatives submitted their reports.

The MPs discussed a motion on using of precast technology and other timely technologies in the constructions of the country tabled by the representative of Gantgaw constituency.