People’s Parliament: Parliament Committees Submitted Reports

18 September 2019
2019-09-18 13:18

The 2nd People’s Parliament held the 22nd day of regular session on Wednesday with 11 agenda.

During the questions and answers section, the parliament representatives raised the asterisk mark questions including in which fiscal year, the tar road to garment factory (4) and agricultural cotton unit connected with Minbu-Slin Road, providing a youth training school in MetMan Township for the education development of local ethnic young people including Wa, Larhu, Shan etc., the upgrading of inter-village road in YwaNgan Township and 7 questions.

The questions were replied by the members of union level organizations. The speaker notified the Law to Prevent an Increased Quantity of Imports ratified and sent by the national parliament with amendments. The bill committee submitted their report on that law.

The People’s Parliament Education Enhancement Committee submitted the survey report on teachers’ competency, learning and practicing for the education of new generation. The people’s parliament Governments’ Guarantees, Pledges and Undertaking Vetting Committee submitted report.

-- End --