People’s Parliament: Commodity Price, Education, Bill, Proposal Focused

20 February 2019

People’s Parliament held its regular meeting on Wednesday.

A Parliamentarian enquired about measures concerning the rise of commodity price – a concerned official replied that the government is tackling the situation indirectly.

Concerning the plan to open an educational college in Hinthada Township, an official said there’s no plan yet.  Relating to the plan to build a new school building in Kyarinn Village Basic Education Middle Sub-school in Moekaung Township, the official replied that the plan is set in the fiscal year of 2019-2020.

Today’s People’s Parliament announced the receipt of the bill amending the Penal Code by the National Parliament. Parliamentarians also discussed the proposal urging the Union Government to implement national project and policy for Digital Literacy.

A union-level official clarified the proposal and the Parliament approved the proposal.