People’s Parliament: Asterisked Questions Raised And A Move Tabled

23 January 2019

The second people’s parliament holds the 3rd day of 11th regular session on Wednesday.

During the session, the representatives raised the asterisked questions including developing affordable housing land plots to sell those who received meager compensation for their farmland confiscated in Dakkhinathiri Township, complete abolishing KaNyinKauk-Daka  Electricity water pumping project, developing farmlands and returning to the original farmland owners in KyaungKone Township and other 5 questions.

The members of union level organizations replied those questions. Representative of Min Hla constituency put a move on encouraging union government to carry out the mitigation of occurring rabies in dogs and humans with the project under the cooperation of departments and local and international organizations.

It was sought for the approval of the parliament to discuss the move.