People’s Parliament: Asterisk Mark Questions Asked, A Motion Tabled

30 July 2020
2020-07-30 12:50

The second People’s Parliament holds the 7th day of 17th regular session on Thursday with 9 agenda.

During the session, MPs raised the asterisk mark questions including carrying out necessary arrangements to control the bank erosions of Nam Tain Creek in Kunlon Township, Sagaing Bridge (Innwa) which is over 90 years old, spanned on Ayeyarwady River to be put on new coat of paint, (11 miles) road section connected Yan Twin Nga Kyaung Village-tract and Myin Taung Village-tract in Yat Sauk  Township and other 7 questions.

Those were replied by the members of union level organizations. Next, the discussion of amendment proposal on Direct Selling Bill submitted by the ministry of commerce and seeking the decision of the parliament were carried out.

The representative of Taung Twin Gyi constituency tabled a motion encouraged the union government to level up educating program regarding with the vehicle safety and road safety effectively due to the rising of fatalities and wounds caused by the road accidents in Myanmar.

The parliament speaker sought the decision of the parliament whether the motion should be discussed or not.

-- End --