People’s Choice: YCDC Elections: Important Process For Regional Administration

8 April 2019
2019-04-08 16:29

89 out of 90 representatives of National League for Democracy won the vacant seats in the recently held YCDC Elections in March.

Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein expressed thanks to the public for achieving this victory. The Chief Minister also pointed out the importance of casting votes in democratic system since there is low interest of public in the YCDC Elections.

According to data, only 14.77 % of eligible voters cast their votes in the municipal election. 

Chief Minister, Yangon Region Government, H.E. Phyo Min Thein said “The municipal election is very important one in the management of the regional administration. I would like to say thankful again to the public for the voting of the NLD members. 98.99 % of the NLD Representatives has achieved success in this election. But, the number of the eligible voters is very less. I would like to say that in the democracy system, it is important for voting to emerge democracy government and the regional administration system.”

The election is up to for two different levels- as Yangon City Development Committee Members (Central Level) election and township-level committee member election.

Six seats on Central Level YCDC’s executive board are up for grabs, along with 99 seats for township-level committees- 3 members from each township of 33 townships in Yangon municipal areas.

A total of 11 central level members who are 6 newly elected members for central level and 5 members appointed by Yangon Region Government. The Deputy Mayor will be elected from newly elected candidate members with the voting of the member of the committee. The elected Deputy Mayor name will be announced in coming soon, said the Chief Minister. 

Chief Minister, Yangon Region Government, H.E. Phyo Min Thein said “We will select Township development committee Chairman in each township. And also, members one and two, and member three is from the Deputy Township officer. The secretary is the Municipal executive officer. So, the municipal committee will be emerged in every township. The municipal committee will manage their townships and need to carry out for their township development affairs. So, we are trying for the decentralization process and every township will do more for development affairs.”

This is the third time for YCDC election. The first edition is in 1964 and the second in 2014. 272 candidates competed in this 2019 municipal election. 

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