Peace Media Forum: Establishment of Journalists’ Network that Realizes Peace Journalism

15 July 2019
2019-07-15 17:37

On July 6th, the 2nd peace media forum in France was held at Cocoon Nation-Auguste in Paris with the theme of ‘What is the peace journalism?’.

In attendance with 20 participants including journalists and citizens, the forum had a discussion to seek the practical action plans to realize “Peace Journalism”.

The 2nd Peace Media Forum was made up with the time to discuss the ways for journalists to practice peace journalism in disseminating peace-related news articles. HWPL, an international NGO affiliated with the UN ECOSOC consultative status, hosted the forum.

It has been doing many actions to plant the value of peace in the each sectors of nations, such as politics, socials, religions, and more. The Peace forums by HWPL have been held 40 times since November 2016 to facilitate peace journalism and peace-related news coverage with 176 journalists from 22 countries.

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