Peace Education: Forum Finding The Common Curriculum For The Children

13 February 2018

Peace education forum was held in Yangon discussing about the educating process in religious schools.

The forum was organized by Treasure Land Development Association with the assistance of US AID.

The target is to draw the common curriculum based on the outcomes of the forum, Technical Advisor of Treasure Land Development Association said.

Technical Advisor, Treasure Land Development Association, Chit Ko Ko said “Children are provided basic education at the school. But they need to join the religious school where trains them ethics, moral behaviors and social interactions. All the religious schools’ teaching base on kindness. We target to have curriculum which aims to be drawn based on the outcomes of the forum.”

The teachers from respective religious schools and the experts discussed to have common platform in educating children in terms of moral behavior at the event.

The discussion topics are based on the subject that could create peacefully co-existence.

Speaker, Kathleen Thein said “We have common thing that we are conducting children at the religious school. All the subjects conducted by all religious schools are based on kindness.”

The forum is set to be held for three days till Thursday.