Patient Safety: Myanmar and Singapore Launch A Program

19 August 2019
2019-08-19 16:28

Launching and MoU signing ceremony for the Quality and Patient Safety Management Program took place in Nay Pyi Taw, Monday.

It was jointly organized by the Ministry of Health and Sports and Temasek Foundation & SingHealth (Singapore). This is three-year program, aiming to enhance leadership and management skills in quality improvement, patient safety, infection prevention and control for health care professionals in Myanmar.

Rector/Medical Superintendent, Yangon General Hospital, Dr. Yi Yi Myint said “To implement this program, we made site visit to the hospitals.11-member medical superintendents led by me visited Singapore to study SingHealth Program as well as hospitals. The quality and patient safety management is very important in the hospitals. People, patients and patients’ aides need to follow the hospital’s guidelines for the patient safety.”

Under the partnership, medical, nursing and related health educators from Singapore will share their best practices and experience with the first cohort of 240 healthcare professionals.

Deputy Group CEO, Medical & Clinic Services, SingHealth, Prof. Fong Kok Yong said “There be many workshops we will hold and we will in the end train about 481 doctors, health care professionals to be professionals and taking care of quality and patient safety issues. Out of these, 240 health care professionals we train first. We will pick about 24 of them to be further train back in Singapore. So that, they will know even more about patient safety and about quality. Then they will come back and they will train more local health care professionals”.

The MoU is significant to build capabilities through professionals exchange programs. By sharing best practices to promote mutual learning and exchanging ideas, the patient safety and the standard of care between the two communities can be improved and raised.

Medical Superintendent (Retired), 1000-bed General Hospital (Nay Pyi Taw), Dr. Par Par said “5 medical staffs from our hospital have participated in the first training. In this 2nd training, these 5 medical staffs will conduct as trainers. We will prioritize on safety of our patients who are receiving medical treatments in our hospital based on the experiences and knowledge from the first training in accord with international guidelines.”

This programme will reach out to over 700 healthcare leaders and practitioners in Myanmar from more than 40 hospitals by 2020.

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