Parliament Sessions: Farmland Issues And Irrigation Facilities

7 December 2018

Farmland issues and irrigation facilities were raised by MPs at the ongoing session of Pyithu Hluttaw on Friday.

MPs also asked about the opening of Agriculture Institute in Myittha Township as well as the investigating for quality of agricultural inputs and designating the boundary map of fresh water lakes in Ayeyawady Region. Pyithu Hluttaw Education Promotion Commission also read out their report, and MPs are asked to enlist their names to make discussion.

Three MPs later discussed the report of Pyithu Hluttaw Farmer and Labour Affair Committee.

The session also accepted the Industrial Design Rights Bill presented by Amyotha Hluttaw with the amendments, and asked MPs to enlist their names for discussion. The proposal on urging the Union Government to store reserved seeds, paddy, rice and ration in order to tackle the consequences of climate change was also submitted.

At Amyotha Hluttaw session, MPs raised questions on public facility, pension issue, state lottery price, taxation, staff loan and welfare matters. Four MPs made discussions on the proposal on conservation of wild animals and taking effective action on those trading the animal parts.