Panglong Union Day: SC Attended 73rd Anniversary Of Union Day Held In Panglong

13 February 2020
2020-02-13 10:59

A ceremony to mark the 73rd Anniversary of Union Day was held in Panglong of Shan State on Wednesday with an opening speech by State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

The ceremony started with a salute of the national flag and remembrances for the fallen national heroes. Then, Shan State chief minister Dr. Lin Htut read the Message of Greetings on the 73rd Anniversary Union Day sent by the president U Win Myint.

Next, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi gave a speech. In her speech, the state counsellor first greeted the ethnic brethrens attending the celebration and expressed her appreciation with the attendance of ethnic armed organizations including NCA signatories and NCA non-signatories.

The state counsellor mentioned that the Union Day is valued because it describes the unity and union spirit of all union brethren. Then, state counsellor narrated the brief history of the union day.

She also pointed out the internal armed conflicts broke out for over 70 years and hampered the internal peace, stability and development of the country.

Then, she clarified the objectives of the Union Peace Conference: 21st Century Panglong. Before the conclusion of the speech, the state counsellor urged to strive for the building of democratic federal union bearing the union spirit of the fathers and leaders of Panglong in mind. Next, the state counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi signed on the guest book, look around the photos of the leaders signed the Panglong Agreement and cordially greeted the families members of the leaders.

Later, the state counsellor took the documentary group photos together with the family members of the leaders signed the Panglong Agreement, local ethnic people, leaders and representatives of EAOs, union ministers, state chief minister, commander of east-central command, deputy ministers and state ministers.

Then, the state counsellor planted olive tree at the designated place in the ground of lowland and mountain tracts union monument, Panglong Township.

Next, the local ethnic people sang the song of “The Vow of Panglong Land” and the ceremony was drawn to close.

After the ceremony, the state counsellor cordially greeted the ethnic nationalities who sang the song of “The Vow of Panglong Land” and the attendees to the ceremony.

Later, the state counsellor paid homage to the presiding Sayadaw of Naung-Kwut Pariyatti Sarthintaik and offered the offertories.

In the evening, the state counsellor and entourage attended the dinner to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of union day held at Awayyar hot air balloon ground. At the dinner reception, first, a large hot air balloon named “Sein-Na-Pan”, two hot air balloons of peace dove and 300 small hot air balloons were launched to the sky by hailing the 4th Panglong conference.

Then, the Kayah young people, Kachin and Shan cultural troupes and singer Zaw Win Htut entertained with the songs on the peace, Panglong spirit and unity. Afterward, Wa, Palaung, Kokang, Pa-O, Lisu, Danu and Inn ethnic cultural troupes performed the traditional dances.

Later, the state counsellor and entourage together with the ethnic nationalities concluded the ceremony with Latti song and LaMon dance. The state counsellor and entourage took a documentary group photo together with attendees to the dinner and the ethnic traditional cultural troupes.

-- End --