Pagoda Renovation: Old Diamond Orb & Other Parts To Be Replaced

12 February 2018

The conveying of Batataung Pagoda’s old diamond orb, pennant shape vane and umbrella to be replaced with the new ones observed at the compound of the pagoda, Sunday.

The preparations for the all-round renovation of the Batataung Pagoda are under way with the guidance of Ven. Sayadaws of State Sangha Mahanayaka Committee and permission of the Yangon region government and Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture to reinstall and renovate the Batataung Pagoda. 

Director, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture (Yangon Region), Sein Maw said “We renovate the pagoda to safeguard the sacred religious objects but we found the weakening resistance of the pagoda as it is a hollow inside pagoda and its diamond orb, vane and umbrella appear to be very old under the weather conditions. So, we arranged to replace the new one and maintenance of the pagoda body by the instruction of the Ven. Sayadaw and Yangon Region Government.”

This pagoda is the Buddha’s first sacred hair relic pagoda and planned to convey the sacred hair relic to all the townships of Yangon Region starting from March 1st. A golden umbrella, diamond orb and pennant shape vane hoisting ceremony targeted to be hold in Fullmoon day of Kason. 

Member, Batataung Pagoda Board of Trustees, Thein Htay said “In accord with the instruction of Venerable Sayadaw, our Pagoda Board of Trustees arranged to offer pure gold plate for the whole circumference of the Pagoda from top to bottom. At the moment, we had seen the weak of the resistance and deterioration of the umbrella by checking the withstanding of the Pagoda with the help of Engineers to make maintenance. We will make the new umbrella weighted to offer with 44 viss of pure gold equivalent to 286 Kilograms. We will display the old umbrella, diamond orb and vane in a separate chamber to be built soon for all pilgrims to pay homage.”

Early morning in the day, Yangon Region Chief Minister and party offered alms foods to the pagoda. Yangon region chief minister also attended at the consecration ceremony and reported the renovation tasks to the members of Sangha in the evening. The congregation listened to the sermon delivered by the members of Sangha.