Oxfam apologises to British public as Haiti seeks legal action in sex scandal

13 February 2018

The head of Oxfam apologised to the British public on Monday over the organization's failure to adequately respond to alleged sexual misconduct by some of its staff in Haiti and Chad.   

OXFAM'S CHIEF EXECUTIVE, MARK GOLDRING              said "I was very clear with the minister (Britain's foreign aid minister Penny Mordaunt) today, that firstly we apologise to the British public and to the Haitian public. Secondly we've made major steps to improve since 2011 and thirdly that we recommitted to take more steps because we know we have not done enough. I described what some of those were. I think that the minister fairly captures the tone of the meeting -- the overall commitment, which is we need to be judged now by our actions, not our words, and also recognises this is a much bigger issue that Oxfam who are among the leading agencies in trying to address it. Actually, it's an issue for the sector. Oxfam have failed, let me be clear on that, but it's a sector wide concern."

Haiti's UK Ambassador Bocchit Edmond said his country is seeking legal action against the individuals involved.