Open Workout: One: Reign Of Valor On March 8 At Thuwunna Stadium

6 March 2019

As ONE: Reign of Valor is getting nearer, One Championship held an Open Workout with all 5 athletes on Tuesday in Yangon.

ONE: Reign of Valor which is set on the 8th of March at Thuwunna Stadium will be the place where the current ONE Welterweight World Champion Zebaztian Kadestam protects his title while the challenger Georgiy Kichigin, the 4 years streak winner of ONE championship debut, fights for the title.

Zebaztian Kedastam said “It’s gonna be a tough fight and one hundred percent sure that he is tough guy – a lot of fights behind him, he is good, sprightly.  I feel prepared. I’m always ready for works so I’m looking forward to fight.” “This gonna be a war. An all out war. It can end in the first round or in the last round but you gonna enjoy this. I’ll make sure it’s a fun-box.”

At this Open Workout, the athletes showed off their marital arts skills and had media sections on their feeling for upcoming competitions.  One of the Myanmar martial arts heros, Phoe Thaw who has been playing in ONE Championship since 2015, mentioned about his intense trainings.

Phoe Thaw said “I’ve been training wrestling since last October. The Japanese MMA fighter Shimizu gave training camp in Yangon on wrestling and grabbing. After two months of that training, I went to Phuket for Muai Thai training. So, I believe that I can perform better than the previous fights.”

The two-time Myanmar National female Boxing Champion who scored the fastest knockout in ONE women’s history, Bozhena Antoniyar claimed the victory.

Bozhena Antoniyar said “I’m going to score also in this fight. I can’t say for sure how many rounds it would take because the opponent is a dynamic person. But if possible, I’ll try to finish in 2 rounds. I’m good at stand fight but I also put much effort in ground fight training so that it would be better than before.”

In the upcoming Championship, a fight that ignites the excitement of the Myanmar audience is the debut of for Tial Thang, the pupil of the Burmese Phantom Aung La N Sang.