Offshore Station: 65% Of Construction Works Completed

9 October 2018

Myanma Port Authority is constructing the Offshore Fixed Pilot Station North Latitude 16˙ 12.7" and East Longitude 96˙16.7", 20 nautical miles from Yangon River Mouth. 

65% of construction has completed so far and it is expected to complete by the end of December this year. Officials from Myanma Port Authority said during a press conference on Tuesday.

The Offshore Fixed Pilot Station is constructed to replace the Pilot Vessel which has being used as a Pilot Station at present.

Chief Engineer, Myanma Port Authority (Civil Engineering Department), Nay Myo Nyunt said “What we having using up until now is a Pilot vessel. In the rainy seasons when the tide and wind are strong, it is very risky. It always has to keep maintenance. The numbers of stuffs are always crowded on the small spaces and they can’t put their full effort both in mentally and physically. That’s why this Offshore Fixed Pilot Station is needed.”

Tender bidding for the project was started in 2015-2016 fiscal years and construction started in 2016-1017 fiscal years. The total budget for the project is 20.9 million US dollars.

Chief Engineer, Myanma Port Authority (Civil Engineering Department), Nay Myo Nyunt said “We called open tender for this project with the technical point and criteria we wanted. There are many companies which are used to construct nearshore Station but we want well experience in Offshore construction. At first, 17 companies applied but only 2 companies actually showed up at the tender event. According to our criteria, China Harbour Engineering Co., Ltd won the tender.”

The Station is a 3 story concrete building with 3.32 meter length and 30.4 meter wide. It includes one jetty at which the boat of GRT 1500 size can dock, electric generator, water purifier, polluted water cleaner, marine navigation devices, radars and 3 pilot boats. The Station has room for 36 staffs.