New Year Wish: Yangon Region Chief Minister Extended Greetings

12 April 2019

Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein extended wishes for coming Myanmar New Year ahead of the traditional Thingyan Water Festival.

The Chief Minister stressed that it is a crucial time for all entire people since the efforts are making for amendment of the Constitution which could pave the way for emergence of a Federal Union.

Chief Minister, Yangon Region Government, H.E. Phyo Min Thein said “Myanmar New Year eve will be getting just within reach. I wish all of you to have an auspicious time in the coming 1380 Myanmar New Year era.  It is very important time for entire citizen in coming New Year as we need to amend the 2008 Constitution so as to achieve peace and stability of the democracy country by building the federal union.” 

The Chief Minister also called for united efforts of all citizens for the success of the country’s reform process.

Chief Minister, Yangon Region Government, H.E. Phyo Min Thein said “The entire citizen should make effort with harmony and unity for the country's reform process. I would like to urge all of you to cooperate more in unity for the reform process of the county in the New Year ahead. I wish you all to be auspiciousness and have prosperity, and hope our country to develop well in coming New Year.”

The traditional Thingyan Water Festival will be held for four days from 13th to 16th April, and the Myanmar New Year Day will be fall on the 17th.