New Weekly TV Program: Information On Decent Work, Labour Rights, Jobs, Migration

24 January 2020
2020-01-24 12:27

A new weekly TV programme Yay Kyi Yar (Towards Clearer Waters) in Myanmar was launched by BBC Media Action. 

Yay Kyi Yar is an informative, educational and inspirational weekly TV programme which provides information on decent work, labour rights, jobs, migration among other.

This TV show was recorded in different states and regions across the country and it will bring diverse local audiences in Myanmar together with key stakeholders- including government, employers, trade unions and policy makers- to discuss challenges about labour rights, jobs and migration for work.

Series Producer, BBC Media Action, Dipak Bhattarai said “This program, we started as a radio programme in 2017 and this programme is more about informing people to give right jobs with the way they can find jobs, what are their duties and what are the pay scale with they can get better pay, what are the policies and it’s all about helping people to get right jobs –do the right things in their lives to have the right information, to choose about their jobs and labour rights that what we do..”

BBC Media Action produced the programme as an informative weekly radio show from 2017-2019 and it provided information to millions of listeners about the risks and opportunities of migrating for work within Myanmar and internationally.

Senior Producer, BBC Media Action (Yay Kyi Yar Programme), Su Myat Mon said “Yay Kyi Yar was initially started as a radio show two years ago and now it is going to broadcast as a TV show. The programme will provide an informative and inspirational window of migration and money, helping people to make informed decisions about whether migration is right for them or not. It will also highlight labour laws and rights, job opportunities and safe environment for migrant workers.”

The new weekly TV programme has 11- episode and it will air starting from 27th January on the Mizzima TV Channel and from 28th January on the DVB TV Channel. All episodes will also be available online through Yay Kyi Yar facebook page.  

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