New Temporary Bridge: Deputy Minister Inspects Construction Site

20 August 2019
2019-08-20 11:28

Deputy Minister for Construction U Kyaw Lin and party inspected on Sunday the construction site of a temporary bailey bridge to replace the Gote Twin Bridge, which was damaged by mine explosion on Mandalay-Muse-Lashio Highway for the swift public transportation access.

The deputy minister inspected installation of bailey bridge, damage of the old concrete bridge and resistance of the remaining bridge piers. The Deputy Minister called for repairing of the damaged bridge pier from Kyaukme side to replace with a temporary bailey bridge by laying weak concrete to have resistance while vehicles pass through.

The Deputy Minister then looked into the proposed site for a 2-lane new concrete bridge under the current bridge and set the place for bridge alignment.

The construction of the current bailey bridge has been undertaken by engineers and skillful workers-totaling over 200 from the Bridge Special Groups-2, 4 and 6 as of August 16th day in and out. The installation of the steel frames for the bridge would be completed on Monday. After a load test, trucks and vans weighing less than 36 tons would be allowed on the bridge on 20 August today, according to the Ministry of Construction.

Later in the day, the deputy minister and party cordially met with engineers and skilled workers who are undertaking bridge construction tasks and gave encouragement to them.

-- End --