New Golf Rules: Royal And Ancient Golf Club Level-1 Rules Seminar 2019

22 April 2019
2019-04-22 14:26

The R&A (Royal and Ancient Golf Club) Level-1 Rules Seminar 2019 was held at Myanmar Golf Club in Yangon on Monday.

Aiming to develop the Game of Myanmar Golf, this is the 4th seminar jointly organized by the Myanmar Golf Federation and R&A organization. In his address, the Vice President of Myanmar Golf Federation stressed the need to adopt the real policies of the Game of Golf. He highlighted the new rules of golf conducted by USDA and R&A organizations for the golfers and judges. The USDA and R&A govern the rules and regulations of golf competitions all over the world.

CEC Member, Myanmar Golf Federation, Dr. Myint Oo said “This seminar is to help the professional and amateur golfers and the judges within the Myanmar Golf Federation know the updated rules of golf. Attendance is limited – at least 30 delegates and 50 delegates at most. If the golfers and judges know about the rules and regulations of golf, they have the chance to win in golf competitions more and problems can be reduced too.”        

The seminar lectured by the Rules Instructors was attended by 45 delegates.

Instructor, Myo Tun said “The new rules of golf came out this year. So, this seminar will provide updated Rules to the golfers and judges within Myanmar golf association in time. This seminar covers theory and practical sessions.”

Amateur Golfer, Thu Zin Aung said “I always learn about the rules of golf. I will share the rules and regulations of golf I learnt from this seminar with my juniors. This seminar is very beneficial. I will apply the new rules and regulations.”

The delegates will have to answer the R&A level-1 exam with the assistance of lecture books given to them 1 month in advance. The Myanmar Gold Federation has plans to organize Level 2 and 3 seminars.


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