New Facilities: Two Fire Engines Handed Over to Chaung U Township

8 August 2020
2020-08-08 16:35

To fire engines which can carry 800 gallons of water were handed over to Chaung U Township on Friday.

Chief Minister of Sagaing Region Dr Myint Naing handed over the two fire engines to the officials from Chaung U township at a ceremony.

Two brand new fire engines were brought by 78.4 million kyats fund of Sagaing Region Government.

The new facilities will be stationed at Nat Yai Kan Village-tract in the eastern part and Chaungmanar Village-tract in the northwest part of Chaung U township respectively.

Director, Fire Service Department (Sagaing Region), Min San Aye said "The community elder from ChaungU Township reported that they want to get two fire engines for the East and North West Wards during the State Counsellor's tour in Sagaing Region. According to this, the Budget Department granted budget allotment. We invited tender during this fiscal year."

New fire engines have been provided every year with the allotted budget, and the Region now possessed over 300 fire engines. The Regional Fire Service Department also conduct public awareness activities for prevention from the fire outbreak.

Director, Fire Service Department (Sagaing Region), Min San Aye said "Our department always conducts the knowledge sharing program for the citizen. This year, we cannot conduct the educative talk due to COVID-19 Outbreak. But we make door to door visit for the public awareness and also distribute the educative pamphlets."

A demonstration on fire extinguishing was also performed during the ceremony.

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