National Parliament: Questions Raised And Bills Submitted

11 December 2018

The National Parliament held the 12th day of 10th regular session on Tuesday.

In the question and reply section, the MPs raised the questions including abolishing existing township committees for quality control of construction works and forming a third party comprised of intellectuals and engineers, how can ask legal support from the legal support committees formed from the union to the township level for the civil cases as it’s by-law described that the legal supporting group can help only for the criminal cases, providing a mini cinema, exhibition hall and public meeting hall and a public rest room by the union government or Shan State government at Panglong Town, Loilin Township, Southern Shan State for the globetrotters and local visitors who visit Panglong monument to be presented the history of Panglong Agreement and objectives of building Panglong monument with the paintings of background history, photos, documents, records and documentary films and 3 other questions.

The members of union level organizations replied those questions. The speaker of national parliament announced to summit the disagreed points of the revised bill of Myanmar Literature and Art Copyright Law.

The Union Minister for religious affairs and culture submitted the cultural heritage regions conservation bill to the parliament.