National Parliament: MOC Submitted Safeguard Bill On Increased Imports

22 August 2019
2019-08-22 15:42

The 2nd National Parliament convenes the 13th day of 13th regular session, Thursday.

During the questions and answers section, the parliamentarians asked the asterisk mark questions including to construct remaining road section of MaTuPi-LaiLinPi Road in Chin State, to upgrade NanThaLeik Creek crossing road into the inter-township road connected LayShi and LaHal Townships in Naga Self-Administered Zone, to upgrade the earth road into gravel road connected the villages in PaLatWa Township and other 3 questions.

MP discussed “New Plant Variety Protection Bill” sent by People’s Parliament with amendments. National parliament bill committee clarified the Safeguard bill on Increased Imports.

The speaker sought the approval of the parliament to ratify the Safeguard Bill on Increased Imports paragraph by paragraph.

The representatives discussed a motion urging the Union Government to restore and maintain ponds and reservoirs and construct new ponds and reservoirs for rural populace tabled by U Khin Win of Magway Region constituency 2.


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