Myanmar / Thailand: Myanmar–Thailand Business Matching And Networking

23 July 2019
2019-07-23 09:43

Myanmar–Thailand Business Matching and Networking event was held at UMFCCI in Yangon on Monday in order to promote the business ties between the two countries.

A total of 40 business enterprises from the north east of Thailand and local enterprises displayed their products such as food and beverage, health care products and others for the trade promotion and investment development between the two countries. 

Assistant Professor, Loei Rajabhat University, Dr. Pichit Prapinit said “We are here to promote our products to the neighborhood customers. Since Myanmar is one of the members among CLMVT countries, our government also targets Myanmar to promote and expand our market to Myanmar as a priority. So we hope that the business tie between the two countries is expected to increase by trading local-made products with each other.”

Currently, Thailand is the 2nd largest trading country and also 3rd largest investor in Myanmar investing in food and beverage, health care products and many other sectors. Vice President of UMFCCI pointed out that more efforts are needed for the export of local products to other countries.

Vice President, UMFCCI, Dr. Myo Thet said “We have been using Thailand’s products since a long time ago by importing from Thailand. As our country is developing country, local enterprises still rely on Thailand and China products for the trade and investment. These food and beverage, health care products and others are the most invested sector in the country from Thailand.”

The three leading countries making investment in Myanmar are Singapore, China, and Thailand. The largest investment is in Oil & Gas sector with 27.94%, followed by the Energy sector with 26.40% and the third largest sector is manufacturing accounting for 13.59%.

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