Music Diplomacy: Italian Ambassador To Myanmar Visited MRTV, Observed MNSO

16 August 2019
2019-08-16 16:31

The Italian Ambassador to Myanmar visited Myanma Radio and Television Yangon Office and observed the practices and performances of Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra on 14th of August.

Her Excellency the Italian Ambassador got the information that Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra existed at MRTV and wanted to visit and observe in order to develop friendship and cultural relationships between Italy and Myanmar, to strengthen contacts between the people of both countries, to raise the capacities and talents of people, and also to fulfill the necessities of the instruments used at the Orchestra and supporting the talented musicians and artists between the two countries.

Ambassador, Italian Embassy in Yangon, H.E. Alessandra Schiavo said "The Italian Embassy launched an important program just called Italy for talented Myanmar which is focusing mainly on music and that is one we have artists and musicians coming from Italy and I always ask them to also have some master classes and give master classes on Myanmar students which is very important..."  "...This is why I'm really happy to visit Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra today and to listen to the wonderful pieces played by them...a tradition of Myanmar popular songs which helped me also to understand the level and the quality of relevant what these musicians… "

A total of two songs including Mosaic over-chart and the re-making of Myanmar song 'Shwe O Si' were played by Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra at the event.

Deputy Director, Music Division (MRTV), Aung Myo Min said “After listening to these two songs, the Ambassador asked the necessities of Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra. And then, we clarified the necessities of wind instruments. We also clarified that we have piano but not a pianist. They want to support and encourage us to fulfill our requirements. They have also scholarship program which can be viewed on Italy Embassy website. We're very glad that they visited and observed Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra.”

Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra is the national orchestra of Myanmar and was founded in 2001. It's also learned that Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra holds a concert every year around December or January.

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