Music Camp: Training Camp For Myanmar Music Festival Set To Run

13 June 2019
2019-06-13 16:29

The Deputy Chief of Mission from U.S Embassy visited the MMF Music Camp to meet the participants and trainers at Khayay International School in Yangon on Thursday.

The Camp is set to be run from June 11 to 17 with choral training and coaching, together with Malaysian singers from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), vocal director Yiling Chaing and perform with Myanmar and visiting international artists from Vietnam, USA, and Taiwan.

The Deputy Chief of Mission from U.S Embassy friendly met with the trainers and participants in the camp.

Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy, George N. Sibley said “You know, when you think about it this country has far too long and has too much conflict. Here is the chance for the people from Kachin, from Shan, from Rakhine and from all over the country to bring together harmony, which is the ascent of music of harmony and singing together and enjoy being together and sharing what they have in comment. So, anything the United States can do to promote that harmony, to assist that harmony, we are very honor and very proud to do.”  

The U.S Embassy is proud to sponsor the sixth annual Myanmar Music Festival (MMF), which covered Russian Concert, Celebration Concert, Educational Concert with Taiwanese Violins, MRAUK U Film and State Counselor’s Birthday Concert by Dates.

Artistic Director, Myanmar Music Festival, Kimball Gallagher said “Here this year, Khayay school making the rehearsal and training and singing different kinds of music, different sounds of music; some Myanmar Songs, some American songs, some songs from Taiwan. And they will perform on Sunday at the City Hall, Yangon at 5pm. And we also cooperated as well with the Ministry of Culture’s musicians. So, some of our pieces of music combine like the western instruments; piano, violin and cello with the Myanmar Traditional instruments.  We have Saingwine, Pattla and the Myanmar flute this year.”

In continuation of last year’s initiative of creating a National Festival Choir or Singing Group, MMF launched in March a nationwide call for auditions for singers throughout Myanmar and selected 18 to 30 ages of the 25 young singers from 9 different states and regions as the participants.

Participant (Mon State), Htiek Aung said “We are greatly beneficial here. There have no such classes to learn in the districts like the cities. So, we have many opportunities for being selected. I want to suggest to the new generation music fans to try to be a selection next year and invite to all come and enjoy MMF 2019.”

The participants also received leadership training by MMF Camp with the mentorship provided by Rotary and Rotaract Yangon. The weeklong trainings will finish with a final Celebration Concert.

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