MSME Study Report: Qualitative Study Report Launched

26 March 2019

Launching Ceremony of the Myanmar Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Qualitative Study Report (2018) was held in Nay Pyi Taw on 26th March. 

Deputy Minister for Planning and Finance U Set Aung gave the opening speech, followed by Danish Ambassador to Myanmar Mr. John Nielsen.

The Outline and objectives of MSME Survey (2018), key results, conclusion and outcome of the Qualitative Study and the Outline and Objectives of SAM, as well as the brief overview and findings of four in-depth studies were also explained by the concerned officials.

The survey was conducted with the support of Denmark Government from March to October 2018. It focused on manufacturing sector including garment industries, timber extraction, and foodstuff production.

Ambassador, Embassy of Denmark, John Nielsen said “This is the second study we are actually undertaking and this one is focusing on the manufacturing sector. I think it’s important to say that now capacity has been built up in CSO through this kind of studies. And as you all know data and statistics are very important in order to ensure and inform the decision about economic decision in the future in Myanmar.”

The officials expressed that the findings of the survey could help develop a strong policy for the country’s economic development.

Director General, Central Statistical Organization, Hsan Myint said “In 2017, we have conducted the quantitative survey, and this one is the qualitative study based on the previous survey. The findings will help for opportunities and tackling the challenges of MSME industries with the support of evidence based policy.”

It is learnt that the quantitative survey will be conducted in coming May with the technical support of UNU-WIDER, and based on that data, the qualitative study will conduct again in 2020.