Moving Forward to Widespread Use of EVs: Eco-friendly vehicles, Better solution for global warming

4 February 2023
2023-02-04 20:39

Aiming to widen the scope of knowledge and raise awareness about electric vehicle to the public, EVs users and businesspersons, the electric vehicle knowledge sharing and people awareness program was held at UMFCCI in Yangon on Saturday. 

The program was organized by Myanmar Automobile Manufacturer and Distributor Association (MAMDA) with the approval of the National Level Steering Committee on Development of Electric Vehicles and Related Industries.

Nowadays, electric vehicles are being used as one of the eco-friendly products all over the world and measures are being undertaken to develop the EV sector for widespread use in Myanmar. Formulation of EVs development action plan and policies, tax exemption for the use of EVs and necessary rules, laws and regulations are being implemented by the national-level Steering Committee.

Myanmar has to import fuel from the international market, causing a leakage of foreign currency. As EVs, or Electric Vehicles, are 100% charged by electricity instead of petrol or diesel, it can be reduced the leakage of foreign currency, save more fuel costs and more eco-friendly than conventional vehicles. 

General Secretary, Kyaw Swar Htun Myint, MAMDA said "The use of EVs, which helps the global warming reduction, is also necessary for Myanmar and is a beneficial humanitarian policy. That’s why, MAMDA is participating and supporting this program. We will share the fundamental rules for EVs with the public as much as possible. In addition, such awareness program will be held frequently with the aims to share messages about the usage of EVs. "

The pilot project period for the widespread use of EVs in Myanmar has been set from 1st January to 31st December, 2023. BYD electric cars manufactured in China are tested to run as passenger taxis: 10 taxis based in Yangon International Airport and 10 taxis running in Thapyaygone of Naypyitaw.

Meanwhile, the national-level Steering committee is giving approvals for the projects submitted by the car showrooms and companies such as imports and use of EVs, local manufacturing of EVs, construction of Level-3 charging stations and ability to provide after sale service for the public, etc.

Engineer, Essential Motors, Aye Chan Ko Ko said "Charging time of EVs depends on the battery size, charging method (AC or DC-fast charger) and the range of cars. There are charging stations being built by related companies and also, our Essential Motors has already started construction of charging stations. For travelers who can’t go to charging station, for those who do not have 7KW charger, an emergency charger is included in the car and users can charge the car with an emergency charger through a household outlet like phone charging. But it will take much time than usual. Users can adjust the amount of charge and charging time also. The advantage is that the maintenance and fuel cost will be significantly reduced. "

It is leant that theory courses, EVs checking and maintenance courses related to EVs have been conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Science and Technology. Plans are underway to conduct the awareness programs and seminars in the future.

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