Mobile Safety: Only Two SIM Cards to One Person As of April 1st

24 March 2019

Only two SIM cards can be bought by one person with the certain identity card as of the 1st April, according the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The move is aimed at providing security to mobile financial services and the people.

SIM card registration has been announced in August 2016. There are some cases that have registered many SIM cards under the sole identity card, and sell it again to others. Those who registered more than two SIM cards under one identity card will be blocked as of April 1st.

It is learnt that those who have not yet got national citizenship scrutiny cards can buy SIM cards by showing other identity cards such as driving license cards, student cards. Foreigners can use their passports to buy SIM cards at shops.

In Myanmar, four operators MPT, Telenor, Ooredoo and MyTel are providing telecom services.