Mexico shutters shelter after migrants cross Rio Grande towards U.S.

21 February 2019

some Central American migrants have taken their chances on crossing the Rio Grande towards the U.S. state of Texas. These migrants tried to cross the waist-deep water of the border river between the Mexican border city of Piedras Negras near the Eagle Pass border crossing. But U.S. patrol boats intercepted these migrants from entering.

According to reports, there are about 1,700 caravan migrants in Piedras Negras. Many are contemplating their next move after authorities shut down a shelter they were using. Many say they are also waiting for a so-called humanitarian visa from the Mexican government that could lead to local job opportunities, but they are afraid of the area's hyper-violent Zetas drug cartel that has targeted migrants in the past.

The Trump administration announced a policy on Dec. 20 that the United States will return non-Mexican migrants who cross the border back to Mexico while their asylum requests are processed.