Message Of Greetings: President Extended Greetings on 71st Anniversary Kachin State Day

10 January 2019

President U Win Myint sent a message of greetings on the occasion of the 71st Anniversary Celebration of Kachin State Day on Thursday.

The President said after gaining Independence on 10th January 1948, at the very first Kachin State Council meeting, the Kachin State Government was formed. The date on which the Kachin State Government was established has been designated as “Kachin State Day” and celebrated annually and this year marks the 71st anniversary.

He added that Kachin State is home of not only the Kachin, other ethnic national races have all been living together cordially in close friendship. He stressed that the Union Government has been striving for the establishment of a Union based on democracy and a federal system in order to get national reconciliation and durable internal peace.

He urged all ethnic brothers and sisters living in Kachin State to strive with firm Union spirit and unity, and hands joined firmly together, on the path towards a Democratic Federal Union.