Memorial Literary: Literary And Statue And Poem Garden To Be Established

12 September 2018

The memorial Literary and Statue and poem garden are to be constructed to honor the Myanmar literary Icon of Sayargyi Min Thu wun at his native town of Kun-gyangon township in Southwestern part of Yangon.

Min Thu Wun Foundation implements the construction project of the Library, statue, poem garden, computer and English learning rooms on the 5.11 acres of land plot.

U Nyan Soe, the eldest son of Sayargyi Min Thu Wun expressed the process of implementation of the project.

Patron, Min Thuwun Foundation, Nyan Soe said “We formed the foundation to do the matters of constructing the memorial library and bronze statue of Sayagyi Min Thu Wun. In addition to the library, which will feature Min Thu Wun’s works as well as those of contemporary authors, a children’s corner and discussion room, the building will also house a commemorative statue.”

They will commence the construction of memorial library and statue during this year in cooperation with Yangon region government. They hope to create a sustainable library in Myanmar. 

Chairman, Min Thuwun Foundation, Kyaw Soe said “We will establish this library for the generations to come. We would like to attract the readers not only from this area but from all people across the country. We attempt to do this for the next generations. We would like to give them knowledge and a space for learning and reading to improve their ability of critical thinking.” 

Min Thu Wun was a Myanmar poet, writer and scholar and he composed many poems and children’s songs. He had made brilliant literary achievements in his fields. All his achievements still remain in the people’s hearts.

More than three buildings will include in the compound such as housing, the library, restaurant and cafeteria and computer learning center.