Medical aid exercise staged on Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark

23 April 2019
2019-04-23 14:16

An exercise on medical aid was recently carried out on the Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark at sea. The exercise was conducted in a scenario that a sailor was injured after he accidentally fell into the sea. then the simulated sailor was transferred to the hospital ship via a helicopter.

When transferred to Peace Ark, the "injured sailor" has lost consciousness, as medical staff on board soon moved him onto stretcher for examinations. After intense emergency treatment, the "injured sailor" regained consciousness, but his condition was still not stable. then he was given a CT scan before going through an operation on board of Peace Ark. As a special naval ship, Peace Ark is designed as a mobile hospital at sea, for its first floor serves as rescue lobby and ICU (intensive care unit), second floor as consulting rooms for various specific departments, and the third floor as general wards.


-- End --