Mass Sports Activity: Mass Walking Around Aung San Stadium

29 December 2018

The annual mass sports activity in December was successfully concluded with a mass walking around Aung San stadium in Yangon on Saturday.

In Myanmar, December is defined as the month of mass sports activities with the leading of Ministry of Health and Sports under the supervision of Yangon Region Government.

Mass sports activities such as walking, aerobics and dance are being held on every Saturday of December. This year, 5 mass sports weeks were taken place during December. The 1st activity kicked off on December 1st at Aung San Stadium and the fourth activity took place on the 22nd at Peoples’ Park.

Deputy Director, Sports and Physical Education Department, Yangon Region, Aung Than said “Walking exercise is good in many ways. It boosts blood circulation, flexes muscles and increases appetite. It is the mission of Ministry of Health and Sports to build a healthy nation. Mass sports activity is a great source for excellence sports needed for the country.”

About 5000 people including students from basic education schools, Institute of Sports and Physical Education and citizens, residing in the 14 townships of Eastern District of Yangon Region participated in the mass walk.

The walking route started from Aung San Stadium, then walked along Kandawgyi Ring-road passing U Htaung Bo Roundabout and finally back to the stadium to do morning exercises and fitness dance.

Participant, Khin Mar Aye said “Mass walking brings multiple benefits for health. It boosts heart health and helps to lose weight. This is my fifth participation for this month. I participated in previous years’ activities too.”

The December mass sports activities aim for public involvement to promote citizen’s health and fitness.