Mask Donation: Korean Professor Donated 10,000 Masks As Second Time

7 August 2020
2020-08-07 15:44

MIDWEST UNIVERSITY in Seoul Campus, Global Leadership Institute & Program Myanmar Director Professor Dr. Kim Gyun Bae met with Myanmar Ambassador to Republic of Korea U Thant Sin and donated 10,000 Masks for the use of staff from ministry of foreign affairs to prevent COVID-19 pandemic at 10:30 am on Friday.

This is the second time donation of Professor Dr. Kim Gyun Bae. He donated 10,000 Masks as the first time on 10th July, 2020 for the use of Myanmar’s COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment process.

The accepted masks will be transported to the ministry of foreign affairs by Myanmar Airways International (MAI) as quickly as possible, it’s learnt.

Credit  - MOFA

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