Marcos rekindled ties with US in first 100 days

7 October 2022
2022-10-07 16:20

Saturday marks Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s 100th day in office. Since taking office in June, he has reaffirmed ties with the United States. Last month, Marcos Jr. flew to the U.S. to deliver a speech at the U.N. General Assembly and met Biden for the first time on the sidelines.

After Marcos Jr. triumphed in the May 9 elections in a landslide victory, Biden was the first world leader to call and congratulate him. Biden's key officials have said that human rights were at the top of the agenda in each of their engagements with Marcos Jr. and his key officials. As Marcos Jr. rose to power, the U.S. was embarking on a strategy to considerably broaden American engagement by strengthening a web of security alliances and partnerships.

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