Mangrove-Friendly Issue: Myanmar Action Plan For Mangrove-Friendly Shrimp Culture

8 April 2019
2019-04-08 09:59

Officials discussed implementation of the Myanmar Action Plan for Mangrove-friendly Shrimp Culture at the Fisheries Development Forum on Sunday in Yangon.

Mangrove forests are productive ecosystem to the marine environment, providing organic waste for wild feedstock, and root structures for shelter for the marine species. Shrimp farming and Mangrove preservation are getting along in many countries. In Myanmar, mangrove-friendly shrimp farm pilot project is underway in Kyauktan Township of Yangon Region. 

Team Leader, Fisheries Biologist (MYSAP), Dr. Uwe Scholz said “We are meeting here today to talk about mangrove-friendly shrimp aquaculture which means you have cultured of friends in a mangrove area which is practiced all over the ASEAN region because it produces very high quality shrimps and you do not need feeds. And you can even do it in the… what we call poly-culture system which means use in natural system.”

Currently in Myanmar, shrimp farms are facing the problems of decrease in fry. Under the pilot project in Kyauktan Township, one of the shrimp farms in Mayanswebar village succeeded in mangrove-friendly black-tiger shrimp Penaeus Monodon farming which was imported with the help of MYSAP.

Shrimp Farm Owner, Min Maung Maung said “There are 2 reasons why there are fewer shrimp fry - the 1st is decrease of shrimp’s species from the sea and the 2nd is due to the ban on repairing ponds, making groove and using machine. Mangrove-friendly aquaculture system is the farming system by putting shrimps in the shallow water under the mangrove forest. And as those shrimps are nurtured without chemical and less human care, price of those shrimps is much higher than that of the intensive-farmed shrimps.”

The owner added that the ban has been imposed by the Regional Government last year. The shrimp farmers in Kyauktan Township lost 70 percent of productivity. The regional government imposed the ban not to threaten mangrove forest but mangrove friendly shrimp farm are in line with the nature, the owner stressed.

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