Line Walker-2: The Shootings Continued For Line Walker-2 Film In Yangon

21 February 2019

Crews of Shaw Brothers Pictures International Ltd. continued its additional scenes including fighting and car explosion for Line Walker-2 film at Maha Bandhula Park Road section between Anawrahta Road and City Star Hotel on Thursday.

Line Walker Film is the work of Hong Kong-based Shaw Brothers Pictures International and is a follow-up film to the 2016 film. The Company had made coordination with more than 10 departments concerned to get permission for the shooting in Yangon.

In the scenes in Yangon, Hong Kong Police and Myanmar Police Force will be jointly cooperated on an anti-trafficking operation in this sequel to the 2016 Line Walker film.

Advisor, Yangon Synthesis Productions, Pol.Brig.Gen. Win Khaung (Rtd.) said “I guess a new window was opened for the country and more job opportunities by looking at this foreign movie shooting here.  They also use many budget and prepared a shooting to appear natural scenes perfectly. We should inspire their pre-production and production. We need many good experiences like this to upgrade our country’s film industry. Special police force of Myanmar also takes part in this film, so our duty is to advise the personality of police force and to look close to their dressing to fix real.”

Fighting scenes for this film also were shot yesterday in YMCA building on Theinbyu Road in Botahtaung Township. Fighting scenes for today also were practiced many times last Sunday.

Many audiences including directors and actors from local film industry also flocked and observed near the shooting area. They also expressed their feelings about a foreign movie shooting here in Myanmar.

Actor, Zaw Win Naing said “This is a great opportunity to show the world our country’s transparency. If such foreign movie shootings enter in our country, more opportunities will come to us or next generation. They can spend many budgets for the film since it is an international standard film. I heard that many actors from local film industry had a chance to take part in this film. I am also delighted for them.”

Audience, Khin Mar Swe said “I am here to observe how a foreign movie shooting works. I couldn’t see anything because of too many people. But I saw one scene - a man falling down from the building by riding wire rope. I notice that they have great equipments and strong teams to create a perfect international film. I will watch this film for sure when it is released.”

It’s learnt that fighting, shooting, explosion, car racing against each other, crash, and helicopter flying scenes will be shot in Yangon for this film.