Language Proficiency: Central Level English Skills Competition Held In Yangon

11 July 2018

The central level English Skills competition for undergraduate and postgraduate students from universities, degree colleges and colleges in the academic year 2017-2018 kicked off with Essay Writing Competition in Yangon on Wednesday.

The competition mainly aims for capacity building – to improve the English speaking skill of the students and to build up their confidence. It started off with the impromptu talk competition in 2013 and this year competition has 3 main categories - Essay Writing, Impromptu Talk and Roundtable Discussion.

Head, English Department, University of Yangon, Dr. Poe Poe said “Students from various universities and colleges across the country participated in this competition. The first step is university level competition and the second one is the advance education level and this is the final competition – central level. There are different judgment criteria for each category. The judges will mainly observe the story, use of words, structure, relevance and accuracy.”

36 undergraduates and 13 postgraduate students from a total of 20 universities, degree colleges and colleges participated in the central level English Skills competition. A total of 12 awards will be presented including first, second and third for the whole competition and first, second and third prize for each category of the competition.

Undergraduate Student, West Yangon Technological University, Khant Si Thu said “I’m used to participate in essay writing but not with impromptu talk. I read a lot as I have to compete with the experienced ones who are more skilled talking in English than me. I think this competition can help strengthen the relationship between universities and colleges and their students. I will try my best for the competition as a representative of my university.”

Postgraduate Student, University of Foreign Languages, Mandalay, Aye Cherry Htun said “We have to get ourselves ready with a lot of research and analysis as we don’t know the focus area of the topics to be given at the competition. So, we need to have a broad area of knowledge. Reading is the key to success. We need to know the basics. We can broaden our knowledge and expand the network by participating in this competition.”

The competition is set to be held till Thursday and the award presentation ceremony is on the 13th of July.