Lady Gaga says an Oscar 'would be wonderful'

28 September 2018

Lady Gaga's performance as an aspiring singer who makes it big in "A Star is Born" has earned rave reviews. In her first movie role, the New York-born musician plays a struggling singer called Ally who has a chance meeting and intense romance with country star Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper.

ACTOR AND SINGER, LADY GAGA said "That would be wonderful, but the reward for me is in the artistic experience of creating this film and giving it over to you. You know, all we can hope for is that the film touches people's lives. It's a beautiful love story and it has, it operates on many levels and I'm excited for people to see it and experience it."

 She soared to fame 10 years ago with catchy dance songs, provocative outfits and elaborate stage shows that brought her six Grammy Awards. "A Star is Born" begins its worldwide rollout on Oct. 3.