Kite Festival: 15th Kite Show And Contest Hosts In Yangon

8 April 2019
2019-04-08 13:43

The 15th edition of Kite Festival took place at North Dagon in Yangon, Sunday. This is the annual event organized by Myanmar Traditional Sports Federation.

With the aim to keep the traditional sports and emerge the new generation kite flyers, Myanmar Traditional Sports Federation organized a Kite Show and Contest from April 1st to 7th.

The festival also aims to attract enthusiasm for kite flying among the youths since the numbers of contestants has become decrease.

Judge, 15th Kite Show and Contest, Thein Htun said “We selected the players step by step for final competition in accord with our rules and regulations. We have no age limitation. We intended to keep our tradition and to emerge the new generation as there are very less contestants for kite flying in our country.”

Myanmar Traditional Sports Federation becomes a member of International Kite Association in 2013. Myanmar kite players also took part in international kite demonstration events.

Chairman, Myanmar Traditional Sports Federation, Htun Lin Thaung said “Our federation usually hosts traditional sports event in Yangon and other palace as well. We enacted rules and regulations for traditional sports to catch up with international standard. International Kite organizations also invite us to play in the International events. But, we need to effort to meet up the international standard.”

The competition has been hold annually since 2004. The Kite contest was held under two categories as singles and grouping event.

Third Prize, Single Event, Kyaw Soe said “I am very interested this sports since my childhood. I created kites with different kinds of shapes by myself. When I play this sports, I am very happy and feel relax. I always practices and I am very proud to play this sports.”

94 contestants took part for single event and 17 teams for grouping event.

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