Katy Perry gets emotional while talking about her mother at the DVF Awards

12 April 2019
2019-04-12 14:37

Singer Katy Perry was honored with the Inspiration DVF Award at Diane von Furstenberg's tenth annual ceremony in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday. Perry was recognized for 'using her voice to advocate on behalf of many philanthropic causes.'

SINGER AND HONOREE, KATY PERRY said "Honestly my charitable spirit comes from my mother. Who has been in her own way so, such a sacrificial person. She sacrificed so much for her family. She's so incredibly generous. And, you know, I think about her and she was always the last person sitting down for dinner. And I think about how selfless she is and - I was like, I'm emotional I'm talking about my mom. But yeah, I think it comes from my mom."

The annual event celebrates women in five categories who exhibit the strength to fight and the courage to survive and the leadership to inspire. Law professor and Anita Hill received the Lifetime Leadership prize, Susan Burton earned the People's Voice accolade and Nadia Murad and Hadeel Mustafa Anabtawi picked up the International award.

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