Judicial Affairs: President Met With Chief Justice Of The Union And Members

12 April 2018

President U Win Myint received the chief justice of the union, U Tun Tun Oo and members of the supreme court of the union at the presidential palace on Wednesday.

At the meeting, the president addressed the task of supervising for the judicial pillar to be straightforward. The judicial bodies from the region and state to the township levels should be supervised with the system of responsibility and accountability.

Spoliation of evidence caused the lost of state's property must be overseen. The judges must decide quickly and accurately with proper reasoning in line with the law, codes of conduct and procedures. Only in the condition where no corruption and rule of law are prevailing, the inflow of foreign investment will be attracted and the country's economy will develop etc…

Later, the chief justice of the union clarified the matters on judicial affairs, management of evidence, the challenges facing by the courts, the tasks implemented by the supreme court of the union, the quantity of cases in category hearing sitting in the court and the structural modification of staffs.

Also present at the meeting were the deputy minister of the office of president and the judges of the supreme court of the union.