Japan-Myanmar Festival: Japan-Myanmar Pwe Taw 2019

4 February 2019

The wowing crowd gathered at Thuwana Bhumi Event Park in Yangon on Sunday for Japan-Myanmar Pwe Taw 2019 which is the annually-held cultural exchange event.

Japan-Myanmar Pwe Taw or Japan-Myanmar Festival was first started as a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Myanmar in 2014. Since then, the festival becomes a yearly event between the Japanese and Myanmar people to get to know each other’s culture.

Visitor, Yuki Kitazumi said “I’m very surprised a lot of Myanmar audience are coming to this event and are enjoying the kind of food, music, culture, this kind of things. And also, there are many Japanese friends also enjoy Myanmar culture. So… I’m very happy to have this kind of event.”

Japan-Myanmar Pwe Taw brings inspiration and admiration for the young people in Myanmar as it is the biggest event where Myanmar People can enjoy Japanese culture.

Visitor, Pyae Sone Win said “It’s nice to see like…especially about Japanese culture event, very big event in our country. Usually, I also create a lot of events about the Japanese culture in our country but somehow I can’t make the big event like this. So, I’m glad to see about this kind of event in our country.”

The festival was a huge complex outdoor event where visitors can enjoy Japanese food, products, promotions and special stage by many well known artists from both countries. The venue at the front of the stage was packed with the eager audiences since evening.

Comedian, Tokyo Oden Boys, Arky said “I think this is the 5th event and it getting bigger each year.  And I hope it’s get much bigger each year and then, one day I hope we could do some show on the stage too.” “Japan and Myanmar People can become all friends. And you know, Myanmar people can know more about Myanmar people and Japanese people can also know about Myanmar and we can become more friendly.”

Aside from the food stalls and stages, visitors also enjoyed the photo shooting with cosplayers as getting more into the Japanese fun culture.

Cosplayer, Victoria Yui said “I came here for the cosplay performance. I’d visited the previous festivals but this is the 1st time I’ve participated as a cosplayer.  As I’m very interested in Japanese culture, I’m really happy with this festival.”

The festival night tied the mutual understanding and cultural exchanging between the Japanese and Myanmar people through this lively event.