Israeli Independence Day celebrated in Berlin amid growing anti-Semitism concerns

20 April 2018

In Berlin, Israeli Independence Day was celebrated yesterday amid growing anti-Semitism concerns. German Foreign Minister said that the country's responsibility to protect Jewish lives will never end.

ISRAELI AMBASSADOR TO GERMANY, JEREMY ISSACHAROFF said "Many of us who have lived through these 70 years or part of it will never forget the successive generations of the Jewish people who strove for 2,000 years to fulfil the vision of returning to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people. In the same way we have yearned for a homeland after so much suffering in the diaspora, we continue to yearn for peace with all our Arab neighbours including the Palestinians and the other states in the region."

There are also concerns that an influx of more than one million migrants, mainly from the Middle East, since mid-2015 might also be fuelling anti-Semitism.