Investment Opportunities: Rakhine Investment Fair To Be Held In February

20 January 2019

The Rakhine State Investment Fair is scheduled to be held in February, aiming to create investment opportunities and to connect local businesses with the potential foreign investors.

The investment fair will be organized by Rakhine State Government under the guideline of the Union Government. It will be also supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency. Over 100 companies are expected to join the event.

Chief Minister, Rakhine State Government, Nyi Pu said “The forum aims for rapid economic growth and long term development of Rakhine State with the inflow of a lot of investments. There are 6 major sectors such as agriculture and livestock breeding, fishery, environmental and tourism.”

Chief Minister U Nyi Pu added that the State Government is implementing Kanyin Chaung Economic Zone with the cooperation of local entrepreneurs. Ponnakyun Industrial Zone is also planned to establish on the land plot of over 180 acres.

He called for making investments in Rakhine State since the development in the area could bring peace and stability of the State.

Chief Minister, Rakhine State Government, Nyi Pu said “As everyone known that it is very important for Rakhine State to have peace. There has happened instability in the State. The situations have been controlled and there are still some situations at present. We have tackled one situation and then another issue happened again. So, instead of tackling the problems, we need to find a way to implement for development. We believe that the development in the region could reduce instability, and will support for peaceful situation.”

The Rakhine State Government also conducted survey on business opportunities in Rakhine State with the support of Myanmar Survey Research. The report of the findings will be published during the fair.

Minister, Rakhine State Ministry of Finance, Revenue, Planning and Economic, Kyaw Aye Thein said “The survey on investment opportunity in Rakhine State was also conducted one month ahead of the forum. The result of the survey will be explained during the forum.”

The Investment Fair is planned to be held for 3 days from February 21st to 23rd at Ngapali Beach in Thandwe. First day programmes include Rakhine traditional dances, entertainment programs and a get together banquet.

On the second day, in addition to opening of sector wise exhibits, there will be investment discussions by business persons and officials, signing of memoranda of understanding (MoUs), and sector wise discussions between local and visiting business persons. On the third day, there will be visits to investment sites in Ngapali beach, cold storages, aquatic businesses and aquatic export production sites in Thandwe.