Int’l Mother Language Day: Celebration held in Yangon with variety of programs

22 February 2024
2024-02-22 09:52

A ceremony to commemorate the 2024 Language Martyrs Day & International Mother Language Day was held at the Bangladesh Embassy in Yangon on Wednesday evening.

The aims of the celebration of mother language day are to protect and promote mother languages, to encourage the linguistic diversity and to raise awareness among young internationals.

Bangladeshi Ambassador to Myanmar Dr. Md Monwar Hossain delivered an opening speech, stressing the purposes of the 2024 Language Martyrs Day & International Mother Language Day celebration, importance of multilingual education and preservation of mother languages.

Ambassador, Bangladesh Embassy in Myanmar, H.E. Dr. Md Monwar Hossain, said “In case of the countries which speak multiple languages, all the primary level students should learn and read in their mother languages. As they grow up in the education system, their common national languages can be studied. … I suggest that, in initial level, all students should be given the opportunity to study their own mother tongue. That can help them to have better education in future.”

There are about 7,000 languages in the world and every 15 days one of the other languages is getting extinct.

The Ambassador expressed the useful of digital technology in promoting and protecting mother languages as it could help children learn their mother tongue through various applications. 

Ambassador, Bangladesh Embassy in Myanmar, H.E. Dr. Md Monwar Hossain, said “Language is a means of communications. Through language, we can speak to each other, understand the internal feelings, emotions and expressions. So, language is a best means to communicate and to make friendships. At the same time, there’re many diverse languages in the world, so if we communicate through mother languages, we can communicate to our community through that language. Through celebrating mother language day, we can come closer and can increase the understanding within community.”

During the ceremony, a commemorative message sent by the UNESCO Head of Office was read out, to honour the celebration of International Mother Language Day.

Moreover, diverse cultural musical performances and entertainments were also staged by personnel from foreign embassies in Myanmar, students from Indonesian International school in Yangon and Yangon University of Foreign Languages.

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