Inspection Tour: VP Inspected Regional Development Works in Chin State

15 February 2020
2020-02-15 10:23

Chairman of Myanmar Tourism Development Committee Vice President U Henry Van Thio together with Union Ministers and officials left Nay Pyi Taw for Kalay, Sagaing Region, Thursday.

On arrival at Kalay Airport, the Vice President and party were welcomed by the Chin State Chief Minister and officials. The Vice President and party then flew to Falam in Chin State.

On arrival at Surbung Airport Construction site in Falam Township, Chin State, officials reported on getting permission for construction of Surbung Airport, budget for the project, progress of works, installation of aviation communication equipments, completion of laying gravels on 6000-ft runway and retaining wall, air traffic control tower and fire extinguishing building and arrival of navigation and communication equipments.

Union Minister U Ohn Maung reported on prospects for boosting tourism industry in Chin State upon completion of the project.

In response to the report, the Vice President gave instructions on completion of the project within the target time and meeting set standard and systematic measures.

The Vice President looked into tar paying on the runway and completion of the airport building. Upon completion of new Surbung Airport, it will become the air Gateway of Chin State and the local and foreign visitors can make a visit in a short time and also so the local products can be transported without difficulty and people can travel to all parts of the country easily. Falam Airport is located in the middle part of Chin State and people can travel the cities of the State such as Falam, Hakha, Htantalan, Tiddim and visiting places such as Reed Lake within a short period through the airport. It will support ease of transportation access to airports in Regions and States across the nation.

Next, the vice president and entourage left Falam by helicopters and arrived at Thi-Kir Village in Htantalan Township and inspected the X-ray lab, patient ward, operation theatre, delivery room of 16 bedded Thi-Kir station hospital and sanitation works around the hospital. Thi-Kir station hospital is a Reinforced Concrete building with 141 feet in length and 136 feet in width together with medical superintendents' resident, nurse residence and staff housing. It’s been constructed with the budget allocation of over 1.36 billion kyats.

Then, the vice president inspected the construction works of 20 houses donated by the ministry of border affairs and 50 houses donated by Daw Khin Kyi Foundation in Thi-Kir Village for the displaced people from armed conflicts in Paletwa Township.

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