Inspection Tour: Union Minister Inspected Development Works In Puta-O

24 January 2020
2020-01-24 13:31

The Union Minister for Border Affairs Lt. Gen. Ye Aung accompanied by the Kachin State minister for security and border affairs visited Puta-O district development supervisory office on 22nd January.

The district development supervisory officer clarified the development and construction works in Puta-O district.

The union minister supplemented necessaries upon the clarification and inspected the construction works implementing in the office compound with the budget allocation for 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Next, the union minister inspected the renovation works of MarMein-MarMeinSheeDee intervillage road and MarMeinSheeDee Bailey Bridge and gave necessary instruction to finish within timeframe in line with designated standards.

Later, the union minister and party visited the Training Schools for Development of Nationalities Youths from Border Areas (Puta-O) and met with the students. At the meeting, the union minister gave the necessary guidelines to put efforts in the study, had luncheon together with the students, looked around the training school and fulfilled necessaries.

-- End --